Post-Positivist Approach to Factors that Influence K-12 Teachers’ Use of iPads and Chromebooks

Daljit Kaur
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This paper focuses on the factors that influence in-service teachers’ use of Chromebooks and iPads in K-12 classrooms.  Fifty-one participants enrolled in online education programs at a university in the state of South Carolina participated in the study. Data were collected using an online survey and analyzed using an inductive approach focusing on important patterns across the raw data to come up with the themes. The results indicated that there were four main factors that influenced in-service teachers’ use of Chromebooks and iPads in their classrooms which were (a) Availability, (b) Familiarity, (c) Functionality, and (d) Targeted professional training. Implications for school administrators, teachers, and researchers are discussed.


Technology integration, iPads, Chromebooks, K-12 classroom, In-service teachers, Online survey, Post-positivist approach, Inductive

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Kaur, D. (2020). Post-positivist approach to factors that influence K-12 teachers’ use of iPads and Chromebooks. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science (IJTES), 4(1), 26-36.


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