Web-based Education and Accessibility

Emre Dinc
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Technology has been affecting education for a long time. Websites occupy a significant place and web-based learning is an important example. The Internet today plays several critical roles in education such as: providing information, fostering communication, providing an environment for creativity, and delivering instruction. Currently, websites are gaining importance in education. This paper presents information about web-based learning, using websites in education, and reports information about what researchers have discovered in this regard. In addition, a critical topic, which is web accessibility, is discussed related to multimedia elements. Consequently, a website can be used as a source of information, as a tool for assessment, and as a platform to produce and share a product.


Educational websites, web-based learning, accessibility, educational technology, multimedia.

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Dinc, E. (2017). Web-based education and accessibility. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science (IJTES), 1(1), 29-35.


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